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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not Medically cleared for Peace Corps 

Thought I would update everyone on why I have not left for the Peace Corps. One month before I was supposed to leave, I received a letter that my file went to a review board and that I was not medically cleared

Why you ask? Because I am an overachiever and that coupled with my ADHD would hinder my ability to complete the terms of service (27 months). They felt that I would become bored quickly and bail on them. While I can understand their decision, every doctor I went to took all of that into consideration and cleared me to go. Doctors I have seen for YEARS!

With all that said, I was most likely going to be placed in Georgia and if you follow the news at all, the Peace Corps pulled out of there and I would have gone home anyhow. In my opinion, they did me a favor and everything happens for a reason.

With Roller Derby season just about wrapped up, I have been looking into some other volunteer opportunities. One in particular I would travel as a photographer and document eye surgeries! So, I'll keep you posted on that as well!

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Documentation Done 

Well, I got the last of the required medical docs finished for the Peace Corps, so now all I need to wait for is my country invitation.

In the mean time, I'm going on a little road trip to Florida for a month or so. I'm planning to get in some SCUBA Diving, get some R&R, and focus on some photography.

I'll keep you all posted.


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Monday, November 19, 2007

Eastern Europe in June 2008 

It's official. I'm going somewhere in Eastern Europe in June! Woo-hoo. I couldn't be happier.

I've still got to pass the medical and dental portion and then sometime in the spring I'll get the official country invitation. That's when they'll tell me exactly where I'll be going.

So lots of excitement, but the good news is I have some time before I ship off!

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Peace Corps Interview 

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on my Peace Corps Application Process.

I had my interview last week and it went extremely well. The person interviewing me just finished his service with his wife last year. He of course said, it was such a rewarding and amazing experience. He and his wife worked in Belize. Anyhow, he sent my packet off to the regional office in Boston and I have been waiting for their responses.

Well... yesterday, I heard back from the Regional recruiter and she is ready to "nominate" me for a position. She thought that my skill set would be ideal for a business advising and/or development.

She is really eager to put me into a specialized business development program in Mexico. This would leave in April 2008. She sent my resume to that program's director yesterday and is awaiting word back from her on whether I would qualify for that position.

If that doesn't work out there is a program leaving in June 2008 to Eastern Europe and several programs leaving in September 2008 in Eastern Europe/Central Asia and Africa.

She hasn't even looked at the information technology positions available and there could be some other opportunities there.

I would really like to leave in April or June - so keep your fingers crossed for me!

The excitement is really building.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Peace Corps 

Yup, the rumor is correct. I've applied to be in the Peace Corps. As long as my asthma doesn't keep me out, I think I have a pretty good shot at getting in.

While, my initial thought was that I'd be gone before the New Year. It looks like the process is going to take a bit longer (6-9 months). And truly, given the amount of paperwork I have to fill out, it would be easier running for the President of the United States. Watch out Hilarity!

So, everyone as asked - Why the Peace Corps? I attended a wedding a month or so ago and I sat at a table with a gentlemen who volunteered with the Peace Corps in India back in the 70's. He said it was the most amazing experience of his life.

Maybe I'm just an adrenaline junkie, or perhaps all of that volunteering just wasn't rewarding enough. Either way, that statement resonate and after doing some research, I knew my skillset could be of use. And, while I contemplated Habitat for Humanity and other more local organizations, they generally only helps one family. I have the ability to assist an entire community or village.

I love what I have been doing and my business has been doing well, but I just want to do more. I come from a long line of volunteers (from my Dad serving in the National Guard for 35+ years to my Grandfather who was a minister). Over the past few years, my level of involvement with charities has been either monetary or the occassional free graphic design work.

The initial areas that the Peace Corps has identified for me would be - Computer Science or Business Development/Advising. Both would be right up my alley and would likely ensure that I would be in a more urban area where connectivity would be a little more prevelant. Even if it is not, I will make sure that I get to the "city" areas often enough to keep everyone posted - not to mention just be able to talk to my Amanda Bear.

The hardest part is leaving my love and the pups. We have talked at length and feel we can both get through the adjustment. I can have visitors after the first 6 months - did I mention this was a 27 month committment. Yikes!

Amanda really just wants me to be happy and do what I "need" to do. And I do feel like I need to do this. Not for any one else, but for me.

Anyhow, I'll update everyone as the news comes in, but please keep your fingers crossed. Lord knows mine are already fingerprinted so the FBI can do a background check. Isn't that cool?

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